Pass the Exams – Get the License


Our goal with is to help you over that initial hurdle—to pass NAPLEX & MPJE. We’re not here to re-teach the entire Pharmacy School curriculum. We are here to provide review materials. We focus on the most significant components, so you’ll answer the questions correctly.

Once you pass the exams & you’re licensed, the opportunities are endless—pursue traditional or alternative career paths that match your strengths, goals & interests—graduate degrees; residencies; or you can pursue related pharmacy careers while you’re making a salary working as a licensed pharmacist. In fact, our group has people who have achieved MBA’s, PhD’s, and JD’s. We are connected to those with BPS certifications and other opportunities.

You have much in common with front-line pharmacists working in community or institutional practice; Federal pharmacists; clinicians who specialize in different therapeutic areas; as they all started at one place—passing NAPLEX & MPJE. You are here—let us help you.

That being said—contact us. We have experience regarding alternative careers for those with a pharmacy degree.

We like to think of ourselves as “PHAMACY FOCUSED COUNSELORS.” If you have comments or questions, or want to discuss ideas, we like to talk.


Contact me:
Bill Feinberg, RPh, MBA